ACM Distinguished Speaker

Professor Oge Marques is honored to be part of ACM Distinguished Speakers Program (DSP).

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Available lectures include (but are not limited to):

  • Can you trust what you see? The magic of visual perception
    This lecture presents and explains a diverse collection of visual perception phenomena that challenge our common knowledge of how well we detect, recognize, compare, measure, interpret, and make decisions upon the information that arrives at our brain through our eyes. It also explains the relationships between the latest developments in human vision research and emerging technologies, such as: self-driving cars, face recognition and other forms of biometrics, and virtual reality.
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision in iOS
    This lecture provides directions for developers and researchers interested in developing iOS applications with image processing and computer vision capabilities. It is divided into three main parts: (1) motivation for developing intelligent visual applications for the iOS environment; (2) overview of the languages, tools, and image processing and computer vision libraries for iOS development; and (3) a collection of examples, case studies, commercial applications and popular APIs.
  • Leadership and Communication Skills for Engineers and Computer Scientists
    This lecture provides an overview of successful leadership and communication skills that engineering and computer science students and professionals can use to thrive in today’s diverse, team-oriented, professional environments. Topics include: successful decision-making strategies, team norms, gentle and participative leadership, and the role of humor in public speaking.
  • Machine learning and its applications
    This lecture covers concepts, tools, technologies, best practices, and applications of machine learning, with emphasis on the recent impact of increasingly popular deep learning techniques on outstanding problems in computer vision and related disciplines.
  • Medical image analysis using deep learning
    This talk provides an overview of the field of medical image analysis, with emphasis on the recent impact of increasingly popular deep learning techniques on the design and implementation of intelligent medical imaging-based diagnosis systems.
  • Practical Image Processing and Computer Vision Using MATLAB
    It provides an overview of MATLAB and some of its toolboxes and illustrates their use in a practical, solution-oriented way.
  • Using games to solve challenging multimedia problems
    This talk discusses how we can use human computation methods to supplement traditional content analysis techniques and assist in the solution of hard multimedia problems. This lecture covers concepts, tools, technologies, best practices, human aspects, and trade-offs involved in applying crowdsourcing and gamification approaches to relevant contemporary problems in multimedia, computer vision, and related research areas.
  • Visual information retrieval: advances, challenges and opportunities
    This talk presents an overview of Visual information retrieval (VIR), an active and vibrant research area, which attempts at providing means for organizing, indexing, annotating, and retrieving visual information (images and videos) from large, unstructured repositories.  This lecture gives special emphasis to the process of searching and retrieving images using a visual query, usually known as Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). This field of research has experienced significant scientific and technological advances during the past 25 years, which have led to today’s commercial solutions capable of being presented with an image and answering questions such as: What is this?, Where can I purchase it?, Who painted this?, or Can you find me more images like this?