Dr. Oge Marques
Professor, Engineer, Computer Scientist


Dr. Marques is the author/editor of 7 books in the fields of image processing, image and video retrieval, and related topics, including the textbook “Practical Image and Video Processing Using MATLAB“.


Dr. Marques has 25+ years of experience in consulting on engineering and information technology — with emphasis on topics related to multimedia information systems, image processing, and machine vision –, both for public and private organizations, in several countries.


Dr. Marques is an ACM Distinguished Speaker. He has given invited talks in the US, Brazil, Austria, Spain, Malaysia, and the Netherlands. A subset of his slide presentations (available on slideshare.net) has achieved more than 39,000 views to date.


Dr. Marques is currently full professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Boca Raton, FL. He is an award-winning teacher, with 31 years of teaching experience, from high-school to lifelong learning, in multiple countries (USA, Brazil, Austria, India, Spain) and languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish).


Dr. Marques has 25+ years of research experience in the field  of “intelligent processing of visual information”. He is currently interested in: (i) the use of crowdsourcing and games to solve computer vision problems; and (ii) multimedia information retrieval systems, algorithms and techniques.