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Welcome to the official companion website for Practical Image and Video Processing Using MATLAB® by Oge Marques.

The website has been organized into six main areas:

  • The Students section, which contains useful resources for all readers of the book, such as the source code for all tutorials in the book and associated figures.
  • The (password-protected) Instructors section, which contains useful resources for instructors who adopt the textbook, such as slides and additional materials.
  • The Useful Links section, which contains a list of useful online resources organized by chapter in the book.
  • The Blog, which will be used to keep track of updates to the website as well as relevant posts on technical topics related to the book.
  • The About Us section, with additional information about the book and its author.

If you need to contact us with questions, comments, etc., don’t hesitate to use the Contact Us form on the top right or email us: