Current Activities


  • Ongoing sponsored research on skin lesion segmentation and classification and early melanoma detection. See recent press release and news story.
  • Ongoing sponsored research on fingerprint segmentation and verification.
  • Ongoing sponsored research on multi-channel real-time video enhancement.
  • Ongoing research on medical image analysis using deep learning techniques.


  • O. Marques, “Image Processing and Computer Vision for iOS”, Springer, 2018 (to appear).
  • B. Furht and O. Marques (editors), “Encyclopedia of Multimedia”, 3rd edition, Springer, 2018 (to appear).
  • O. Marques, “Computer Vision and Image Processing Recipes Using MATLABĀ®” (in preparation).


  • Teaching CAP 6618 – Machine Learning for Computer Vision, ISM 6058 – Mobile Apps for Business, and COP 3813 – Intro to Internet Computing (Spring 2018).



Graduate student advising

  • PhD advisor for Mr. Luiz Zaniolo
  • PhD advisor for Ms. Nancy VanNest
  • MS thesis advisor for Mr. Jack Burdick

Editorial Boards

  • Editorial Board member of the journalĀ Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer.
  • Associate Editor, SET International Journal of Broadcast Engineering, Brazilian Society of Television Engineering.


  • CEECS Department Undergraduate CS Program Committee (Chair)
  • CEECS Department Executive Committee (member)
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate Program Committee (member)
  • OIT (Office of Information Technology) Advisory Committee (member)
  • Mindfulness Working Group (under the Peace, Justice, and Human Rights initiative – Office of the Provost) (member)